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Event Branding • Social Media & Email Marketing • Print Design and Production

ARS Annual Meeting

Worked with the executive director and marketing director to create yearly design and 360 marketing campaign with promotional video for their conference.


Event branding crafts a unique identity for an event, ensuring a cohesive look across multiple platforms and channels. The goal is to create a memorable moment for attendees while boosting sponsorship and brand recognition. This includes designing the logo, color scheme, typography, photography used.  From this the promotional materials are created. Event branding extends from pre-event social media and email marketing to the event itself and beyond, fostering consistency and engagement. Through social media, it shares updates, photos, and videos, ensuring a unified message and visual identity for each event.

Client / 

American Radium Society

Role / 

Creative Direction

Social Media Marketing

Promotional Video

Event Branding 

Event Signage Print Collateral

App Graphics


Year / 


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