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Coffee House Branding

La'Rouche Café

In the picturesque coastal town of LBI, I was tasked with the exciting challenge of creating a cohesive branding for a new coffee house that seamlessly merged the essence of beach life with the allure of a French café. The goal was to craft a visual identity that would create a buzz among both locals and tourists. I chose hues that reflected the seaside environment while infusing a touch of French sophistication. Soft blues and aquamarines, reminiscent of the gentle waves, harmonized with warm sandy tones and delicate accents of white or cream, evoking a serene beachside ambiance. These vibrant colors flowed through every aspect of the branding, from the bee-inspired logo and the buzzworthy signage to the menus that offered tantalizing French delights. With a sprinkle of coastal whimsy, the visual identity of La Ruche Café took flight, capturing the very essence of the French seaside, evoking a sense of tranquility and delight that lingered long after the final sip of their signature café au lait.

Client / 

La' Rouche Café

Role / 

Creative Direction

Brand Identity 
Logo Design

Signage, Menus 

Print Collateral

Copy Writing
Social Media Marketing
Website Direction


Year / 


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