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World Congress Event Branding

World Meeting
of Families
Philadelphia 2015

The World Meeting of Families Congress is held every three years to promote family values, faith, and unity among people worldwide. The 2015 congress took place in Philadelphia and attracted participants from around the world, including clergy, families, scholars, and individuals dedicated to strengthening family bonds. The event centered on the theme “Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive.”


Developed visually engaging materials for print and media, worked for two years and met weekly with the committee at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and various vendors to create advertising campaigns, web content, social media posts, and other digital assets. I also designed materials such as advertisements, prospectus, registration brochures, posters, prayer pages, email blasts, social media banners, church banners, and signage. Through these designs, the congress’s message of family, love, and faith was effectively communicated.


I worked with contacts in Rome and managed timelines accordingly.  I also worked with translators to translate the final program and prayer into multiple languages. The final program was translated into five languages, while the prayer was translated into 26 languages, allowing a broader audience to engage with the congress’s content.


Overall, my contributions to the World Meeting of Families Congress helped in promoting its core values and fostering a sense of togetherness and devotion among people worldwide.

Client / 

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Role / 

Creative Direction

Brand Identity 
Logo Design

Print Collateral

Website Direction

Digital Assets

Copy Writing

Language Translation
Social Media Marketing


Year / 


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